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Ram 1976

The only ram I’ve ever drawn. From a high school sketchbook, circa 1976.

“What do you write about?”

“Anything I want. Everything and nothing. Sometimes, it’s only baseball.”

“Have you done this for a long time?”

“No, but I plan to keep it going.”

“When do you write?”

“Not often enough.”

“How much time do you spend on this?”

“Not enough and too much.”

“Wait a minute, you said that you write about anything and nothing. Just how does someone write about nothing?”

“Hmmm…that’s a good question. Of course, we can respond truthfully to the question, ‘what did you do today?’ with the response, ‘absolutely nothing’ and know that everyone now understands that there was a baseball game on the TV. The folks that think about zen and then remove those thoughts tell us that nothingness is sacred can write about nothing. But I don’t know how to do that and in fact, at times have observed that nothing is sacred. I’m not sure I’m equipped to write about nothing, so perhaps I need to reconsider that answer. In the meantime, I’ll write about anything.”

“What’s the easiest topic to write about?”

“Politicians. As the saying goes, it’s like netting the goldfish out of a bowl. The blog posts about some of these people in Washington D.C. practically write themselves.”

“Do you write about them often?

“No. Just once in a while.”

…the politicians are so feeble-minded and gutless that you can’t even hate them anymore.
– from A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Grey and Hopeless

“What is the most difficult topic to write about?”


“Why do you write?”

“This is the age-old question, isn’t it? Many have said it better than I can. I’m not sure that I’ve ever really tried, but find myself considering words and thoughts such as, grounded, enjoy words, power of words, therapeutic, comforting, enjoy reading, communication, beneficial, quiets the mind, and peaceful. Writing is calming and helps me make sense of things, even if the topic is trivial. It’s the process that rewards me.

If we’re lucky, writer and reader alike, we’ll finish the last line or two of a short story and then just sit for a minute, quietly.  Ideally, we’ll ponder what we’ve just written or read; maybe our hearts or intellects will have been moved off the peg just a little from where they were before.  Our body temperature will have gone up, or down, by a degree.  Then, breathing evenly and steadily once more, we’ll collect ourselves, writers and readers alike, get up, “created of warm blood and nerves” as a Chekhov character puts it, and go on to the next thing: Life.  Always life.”
– Raymond Carver, from Call if You Need Me: The Uncollected Fiction and Other Prose

“Isn’t writing frustrating? Do you ever have writer’s block or face the other challenges writers’ battle?”

“Absolutely. It can be messy and always takes longer than planned. I’d be lost without the correct keyboard, two monitors, a good cup of coffee and the other crutches I lean on. But I keep in the chair and get through it.”

“Do you ever go back to read some of the old Ram On blog posts?”

“Sometimes, but it’s not always easy. I generally find something I’d like to change. Change a phrase, tighter editing, grammar or otherwise clean it up. I’ve even wondered about how or why I chose a topic.”

“Where are the ‘John Prine Saturday Morning blog posts you’ve been telling yourself you would write?”

“With the schedule I now keep, I haven’t been writing more than once a week. It wouldn’t seem right if I now made that one post a ‘John Prine Saturday Morning’ blog post. Still, there’s no good reason I couldn’t get to it once in a while.”

“What’s with this Ram On?”

“It pretty much speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Everyone gets the idea about the phrase. ‘Ram On’ has been my motto, my mantra, as the Buddhists would say, my maxim, if you will, the past several years. One must keep moving. Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Life demands it. There’s no time to wait.”

Ram on, give your heart to somebody soon,
Right away, right away.
– Paul McCartney

  1. Pleased to have found you here Bruce. Lots of interest for me to mine! Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox (drop a nickel).


  2. I’ve just had a taste, so far. But I’ve liked all I’ve read on your blog. A pleasure getting to know you.


  3. Thanks for following my little blog I appreciate it. I like these words, very different approach which is good. Following you for more. I like your big interest in music bleeding into your blogs.


  4. Fun reading. Thanks for the follow. Looking forward to reading more.


  5. Thanks for the follow Bruce! One thought (for fun! ) – if everything is in nothing (I know, weird concept – was put to me that way once) then I figure you have a heck of a lot to write about! Just a thought! 🙂
    Enjoy what I have read here so far – will play a little, if you don’t mind.
    Welcome to the whacky world in my little piece of cyberspace! Hope you enjoy and see you soon! 🙂


  6. Thanks for the follow Bruce! One thought (for fun! ) – if everything is in nothing (I know, weird concept – was put to me that way once) then I figure you have a heck of a lot to write about! Just a thought! 🙂
    Enjoy what I have read here so far – will play a little, if you don’t mind.
    Welcome to the whacky world in my little piece of cyberspace! Hope you enjoy and see you soon! 🙂 🙂


  7. Hi Bruce – Just want to say thank you for following my little blog and for liking my posts. It’s nice to meet you finally!


  8. Bruce, thanks for following my blog. I’ve meandered around yours, and while baseball isn’t exactly my thing, I have found some interesting reading so I think that I’ll keep checking in, reading your words, and getting to know your blog 🙂


  9. Bruce, thank you for reading, for following & for commenting on my little blog. I have been terribly remiss in returning the favour! And now it is done! Look forward to reading:)


  10. i’m so slow to getting around to reading other people’s blogs. I guess that makes me like everyone else; more likely to write than read. Dammit and I though I was different. Oh well, I’ve been working on rectifying that for a while now, but anyway, I scanned some of your posts and sure do like some of the topics; baseball and bay area and beats; three of my favorite things and one about Lou Reed who I know very little about other than the Velvet Underground. Looking forward to delving in some here.


  11. I found you on the Drop and Hop and your site looks truly interesting. I look forward to reading more!


  12. I love your interview! Did you use Skype? Perhaps a mirror was involved. Very clever. Sorry I’m getting punchy. Dancing at the Drop and Hop has done me in! Ha!
    Thanks for hopping by. The people make the party!


  13. Hi Bruce. I’m glad to know of your blog and look forward to reading your posts “about anything.” Your interview is terrific!


  14. Bruce, you commented on my Winter Walk blog, encouraging me to relish my luck. I do, everyday! I get up in the morning and look out at the creek and marvel at the wonder of the world…



  15. Hi Bruce, Thank you for following Jane’s Lens. I hope you enjoy my work. You have a wonderful blog.


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