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Election Day is Today

November 8, 2016

“Soul of a nation is under the knife”

– Bob Dylan, from Dignity

While there is great tension and divisiveness across the country, we seem to be in agreement about one thing, this election has lasted too long. We’ve had it up to here. Let’s get it over with, already. I once thought that the longer this went on, the more evidence we’d have that Trump is a fraud and therefore, everyone would eventually turn their backs on him. When he insulted and disregarded his own party, even past candidates Mitt Romney and war hero John McCain, I figured the Republicans would reject him. But they didn’t. They remained in service while he attacked both former President Bushes. It was the state of nature played out within the party and he won.

For the past year and a half, everything out of his mouth has ranged from awful to worse. Any small comfort that I took in the quaint idea that the country would stop paying attention to him with his next shameless behavior was crushed long ago. But I still wonder what would he have to do before we could all agree that he’s crossed the line? Just what else would we need to know about this guy before every last one of us would stand up and say that we’ve had enough?

Time is up. Today is our last chance to stop this scourge.

Election Day is today.


I’ll be volunteering for the County Registrar’s Office at my polling place from early morning until after the polls close today.




  1. Good for you! I’ll be at VA HQ as a hotline volunteer to address voting problems. Hope I’m bored!

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  2. Throughout the primary it seemed like Trump was engaged in his personal version of some perverse type of a reality TV show. He was going to push the envelope as far as he could and see what happened. “Mexicans are rapists!” Hmmm, people liked that. “I’m gonna build a wall and make the Mexicans pay for it!” My poll numbers are going up. Okay, I’ll mock a disabled man and make fun of women. I’ll ban Muslims!!! My numbers keep going up.

    What we learned is that the angry part of America will support him no matter what. They will lap up all of his hate and anger and narcissism and ignorance. As Trump acknowledged months ago, he could shoot somebody in Times Square and his numbers would go up. And we learned that this wasn’t really a reality TV show. This is really who Trump is.

    I can’t imagine four years of him as President. The best political ad I’ve seen this year is the one from the Clinton campaign where it shows children watching some of the more offensive things he has said. It says a lot of about a certain portion of America that they would have no problem with this man as President.


  3. Amen. Amen.


  4. Heaven help us.

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  5. Very well chosen Bob Dylan quote.


  6. Amena permalink

    Well said, my friend! I’ve been in disbelief since the day Trump won the primary election, feel like we are living a horror movie with this guy actually being seriously considered for running this great nation. I honestly am shocked at the number of folks still standing behind him knowing everything he stands for,…that is what’s making me sad about this whole ordeal. All we can do at this point is to Vote and pray that decency and civility will prevail at the end of day. I am an optimist, I know it will prevail.


  7. We’re watching here in Australia 🇦🇺 with something approaching horror. There’s a film called Idiocracy, which could have been written about Trump’s campaign. But we’re hearing that Clinton is likely to win.


  8. Bruce,

    You haven’t posted in weeks. I miss your voice. Please, please write again. I am part of a local resistance movement. This is a terribly discouraging time and I so hope you write again. I miss your voice, he said again.

    Bruce, this may be inappropriate, but I have thought of you as a friend over the time we have shared posts.

    It is time to work. And I hope your silence has not been that there are personal situations preventing you from writing.

    It is so hard for me and I will continue to write until I die. Our words are important and I miss your words.



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