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Election Day is Only 2 Days Away

November 6, 2016

“You got to tell me brave captain
why are the wicked so strong?
How do the angels get to sleep
when the Devil leaves his porch light on?

– Tom Waits, from Mr. Siegal

The past few weeks, my sleep hasn’t been the same. This election gnaws at me. I loathe the course it’s taken. I hate the crude tone of Trump’s campaign and the heightened anxiety that he has instigated in our country. I dread the prospects of a permanent hardening of the division that we’ve now created for ourselves. I am uneasy about the lasting damage that this ignorant, vile, depraved and spectacularly unqualified person could cause if we elect him on Tuesday.

Election Day is only two restless nights away, people


  1. For days now, my sleep has been restless with dreams that leave me frightened when I wake…


  2. Although I equally loathe, good news for me … 1) I haven’t been losing sleep …. 2) Being in Ohio, I am confident that no political commercials will air on Wednesday.


    • Sleep is a good defense. Good for you! I haven’t seen many political commercials (the TV is pretty silent over here). I wonder sometimes maybe this election should go on for another year or so and die of its own weight. The risk of course is that it would only turn up the fire the longer it continues.


      • I recall being in California the weekend before the 2008 election … and I was amazed on seeing so little ads … but that’s not true for those of us in swing states. Definitely looking forward to Wednesday.


  3. I’m starting to think that I fear Nov. 9th more. No matter which way the election goes we are still in for a battle, a never ending battle. My headline: ?? WINS & USA DECLARES CIVIL WAR…AGAIN


  4. Well, on one hand, it’s the screwiest, deadliest and, indeed, most ominous election time we’ve ever been through. What we can’t know but probably could accurately guess is that others before us, long ago, felt the same way. And we’re still here, and folks still risk life and limb to get here, or for their kids to (though admittedly, I can almost picture Lady Liberty’s torch arm twisted and hauled up her back one day).


    • I’m not a historian. I’ve heard some say that there hasn’t been this level of divisiveness since 1860. I can’t say. But here we are and it is our time to figure out a way to works towards common goals instead of an environment of impasse or worse.

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  5. The reality is that even if Trump loses, this isn’t over. The Republicans have made clear they will continue a permanent campaign to destroy the Clintons. The campaign that started in 1992.


  6. Woke up at 4am the last two nights. Praying for a better night’s sleep Tuesday night…


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