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July 10

July 11, 2015

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

– Dr. Suess

We remember moments from long ago that seem to be from just yesterday. Not really events from yesterday, like the Giants’ 22-hit 15-2 win against the Phillies, ups and downs in the financial markets or even interactions with people in our lives, but something that happened long ago. We are aware of this, but still there’s the cross-over between then and now. When it doesn’t appear in our memory like it was yesterday, it can seem like a lifetime ago. Memories are a funny thing.

Good fortune came to me that beautiful San Francisco summer day I met my son. July 10 and the 364 other days of the calendar have never been the same.

Aren’t I lucky? So lucky.

May your hands always be busy
May your feet always be swift
May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift
May your heart always be joyful
May your song always be sung
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young

– Bob Dylan


Here are things we were talking about in the month of July years ago. Who could’ve guessed that Bill Clinton would be along for the ride this far down the road. Like an achy knee, it seems he will be with us forever. And there’s Pete Rose. What a baseball player, but such an unlikable person. This guy is a pathological liar and the haughtiness is over the top. He hustled on the field like a raging bull, but will never be able to run away from himself. He continues to lobby for a new day in court, even as new evidence shows that justice has already been served. Baseball fans continue to argue among themselves about whether he belongs in the Hall of Fame. Robert Bork and Oliver North used to be in the news, too. After scanning my sensitive documents at the office, I walk them over to the big shredder in the engineer’s room. I’ll occasionally say something to one of the kids over there about Fawn Hall, who you may remember helped Oliver North in the Iran-Contra affair by smuggling documents and shredding others for Ronald Reagan’s National Security Council. Not once has any one of the kids at the office known what I was talking about and not once have they ever cared to hear or learn about it.

  1. What an education we get by living long enough to see big stories pass us by, then return, and fade again. I was joking with Tara a year ago, about how Russia used to be the Big Bad Guy that we were all afraid of. Tara laughed.

    Oh, whoops, just listened to the news and Gen. Joseph Dunford says Russia is the greatest threat to the United States. Hard to keep track of whom I am supposed to fear at any given moment…

    Instead, I love that the memory that sticks for you like yesterday is the day you got to meet your son. That is beautiful.

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    • I’ll never forget that beautiful summer “yesterday” that happened long ago.

      (The Cold War is over, only to be replaced by a connection where both parties keep their backs to the wall and eyes on the others’ hands. As for me, I don’t trust them anymore today than our predecessors trusted the Kremlin.)

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  2. With the birth of a child, life is never the same again. Joys and sorrows pile up over the years.

    Those three men on the Time covers entered this world the same way, as we all do.


  3. Happy Birthday to him! Or is it adoption day? We adopted our son on 11/11 and it is an important day in our household!


    • Thank you, Elyse. It’s a birthday over here.

      Every family should have special days. 11/11 – now that’s a date that rolls off the tongue.


  4. Wow … times are tough now, but we sometimes forget that times were tough then, too! (I believe the notion of “good old days” is a myth.) I guess our memories sort themselves out, don’t they … soften the edgy stuff, tuck away the unneeded, hang on to the good. And, so, happy birthday to the good … your son.

    And, jinx! I quoted Dr. Suess, too, just yesterday on my Yoga page … “Oh The Places You Will Go.” Because, I guess, it’s always a good day to Suessify one’s blog! 🙂

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    • Jackie – memories have a life of their own. Of course, as you say, we can be the editor of these memories. After all, they are ours.

      Thanks for the good wishes. He is indeed one of the good guys.

      We all need a little more Suessification. I am a little baffled at why Ram On hasn’t been Suessed before.


  5. you are so right. The book I’ll publish next year just proves that I am now an historical artifact myself.


  6. Times change, stories have new players, but the plots remain the same. Aren’t we all supposed to learn from the past?

    On a more positive note, happy birthday to your son!


  7. I like the concept of cross-over between then and now. I think I might have quite a few memories in that category 🙂 Congrats to your son! 10th is a good day, my son was also born on the 10th, but different month.


  8. Hello Tiny. The older we get, the more cross-over opportunities we have. Just all part of the fun.


  9. kdk permalink

    I don’t know which I love more – Suess or the cow puppet. The combination of the two is excellent 🙂

    Your son’s birthday was a great reason to celebrate on Friday. But 22 hits and that 4th inning run of loaded bases were just fun to watch and reasons enough to feel good about the day.


    • A 22-hit game can do wonders.

      Dr. Suess goes well with most. He is certainly a fine accompaniment to a happy cow puppet.


  10. Never having children means I can only appreciate how special that moment is. All my friends with children talk about it. Good blog, as usual.


  11. Some stories and events of the past last forever, and some are really worth being remembered.

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  12. We who can measure our life around the birth of our children are so fortunate – it does put history – ours and the world’s – in a softer perspective. Because there will always be bad people and bad theologies and bad politics – but more importantly, there will ALWAYS be parental love that surpasses it all.

    That said (I do get sentimental at times…) I am still laughing at the ‘shredding’ scene with you mumbling names while the younger set has no idea what idea what you’re talking about. WORSE – they don’t CARE. Keep on mumbling and ramming on – we need to keep the world straight, we booming Boomers.


    • Honestly, Pamela. While one shouldn’t be surprised that Fawn Hall doesn’t ring a bell with everyone, there’s been an equal amount of unawareness about the others in the play. Oliver North – who’s he? Robert McFarlane – What? Iran hostages. Umm…. I’m not convinced that they know who Ronald Reagan was.

      Oh well.

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  13. Lovely. Happy birthday to your boy. Ain’t nothin’ better than those kids, man. Nothin’. I’m such a big fan of the Suess. …and time marches on. Enjoy every minute. Life with kids, goes by in a blink, as I’m sure you well know. I miss those days when she was little. I used to say, “Oh, how I wish I could get those days back.” And she often says she wishes she was 7 again. All she knew was innocence and happiness and never a harsh word. Everything was fun. Now, I tell her that I loved her as a young child but I love her even more now – the longer I know her, I fall more in love with the person she is, the more I know her. 15 and still just as compassionate and loving inside as ever. The teen years aren’t always easy but I wouldn’t change a thing, not even the hard stuff. I haven’t gotten half back of what I dished out to my mother, thank God, and I hope he spares me. But then, my growing up years were a bit more harsh than what my daughter has been exposed to. 😉


  14. Just realised I’m not following your blog, I thought I was! I’ll rectify that when I’ve finished this comment. I love that Dr Seuss quote, it’s like a Suessed-up version of – Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

    Happy belated birthday to your son!


  15. As a life-long Reds fans, Pete’s his own worst enemy … he has always been that way. Never been an easy one to like off the field. But one thing for sure, the fans of Cincinnati should not be continually punished by MLB for his transgressions.


    • He was quite the player and as a kid, I enjoyed watching (and as a Cubs fan, feared) those Big Red Machine teams. Rose lost me when he hit Fosse, however. And now, the picture of him promoting himself in Las Vegas is plain sad. I’d rather remember him on the field than in a hotel ballroom.


      • Now the tough question … Should the MLB allow the Reds to retire #14?


        • Well, you probably don’t want me to have that authority. Such a ball player, but it seems to end quite abruptly right there.


          • Therefore, we Reds fans should continue to be punished when we go to the ballpark, thus is the retired numbers.


            • The way that I look at it from a distance, Todd Frazier is a good reason for the fans to make it out to the yard these days. He’s fun to watch.

              But I grant you and other Reds fans that it may seem like Reds fans are being cheated. First Pete Rose himself and now, MLB’s imposition. I predict that MLB will weaken its stance and grant Rose something, even if it seems like a compromise.

              Sports do funny things to us. No matter how talented a first baseman might be, there will never be another to match up with Ernie Banks. Why him? Because I watched him play when I was just learning about the game.


            • The town has embraced Frazier … although, for the second year in a row, he slumps at the HR Derby.

              I’m not sure about what MLB will do with Pete. I can live with him being banned from the game. Not being in the Hall is a shame, but I can stomach it. … but I draw the line at not retiring his number here. Who knows … I may write a letter to the new commish … after all, it would have fallen on deaf ears with Bud Selig.


            • Here’s a friendly hint, give the new guy a list of ways that retiring Rose’ number or helping to clean up his image will make MLB lots and LOTS of $$$. Give him a reason to read your letter. 🙂


            • Agree … and $$$ was also in my mind.


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