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King Hipster

October 22, 2014

I turned off the freeway one exit ramp earlier than normal to get a cup of coffee and collect my thoughts before checking into the office. Not so much as collect my thoughts, but clear my head of the stuff that slipped through the shadows during the long commute.

There’s nothing particularly special about the coffee shop, but it works in a pinch. The parking is easy, the coffee is fine, the premises are clean enough and there’s no silly music or other heavy imposition. It attracts a wide composition of Bay Area folks and one can’t help but notice how well people get along with one another when they gather around the coffee tables. Coffee brings them all together – nurses and healthcare technicians from the nearby hospital, business people with their legal pads and tablets, tattooed and pierced guys that have a gang peripheral feel to them, students with their heavy backpacks, down and out weary men without a place to go, bouncy tech types, city policemen, and visitors like me, looking for a cuppa to help get on the day’s game face. And of course, the hipsters. Those mainstream out of mainstream archetypes are always well-represented.

I was there on a mission and so kept to myself. The exception being an introduction to a hipster named King. In the hipster Bay Area environs, even the dogs sport the hipster’s long shaggy beard.


King, waiting attentively at the shop door for the other heavily bearded hipster he arrived with, who was inside ordering his coffee. I told King that he was right in style.



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  1. That looks like one pampered pooch. I wonder if they comb through his beard for Kibbles.


  2. I’m wondering about the building across the street, Active Aggie. My alma mater is Texas A&M University, the Aggies.


  3. Laughing, Bruce. That’s a great scraggly beard on King. I could never grow a decent beard, they usually came out like King’s, which is why I gave up growing beards. Guess I’ll never be a hipster. –Curt


  4. He probably only eats artisanal dog food from a dog bowl made of repurposed plastic

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  5. Oh, this is so great! I can’t believe I haven’t seen this in Portland (where young people go to retire) by now. King wins the hipster award of the day.


    • Ha ha! I’ve heard that phrase about the Portland aspiration. More power to those who pull it off. In fact, one of the kids at the office here in the Bay Area is trying to pull off that Portland trek. From what she tells me, the Portland landlords seem to be on guard.


  6. Maybe you could introduce me to King. I like cool dudes with scraggly beards, such as Henry, who has yet to notice me …. sigh, LMA


  7. Hello LMA, I will see what I can do if I bump into King again. I can’t tell if he’s your type or not. A feline and canine together seems like a high-risk proposition. Coffee brings people together. Maybe the likes of you and King, too. Further, I trust you’ll run this by Pub and MAD.


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