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Turn Up the Light

November 9, 2013

“…she holds herself by force below the level of her true human destiny and requires only a jump, a tearing open of the door, a turned-up light…
– Franz Kafka
from his diaries, November 1911

Hats off to WordPress!  What a terrific offering they make for people who want to write.  I’ve been posting entries here for four 730months and have enjoyed it as much as I thought I would.  I generally have their software under control (it’s very good) and have set aside for now any concerns about the best template to use (they provide many choices) or thoughts about customizing anything that they supply out of the box. Time constraints continue to be my greatest barrier to blog posts.

Ram On remains without a theme.  Against advice and in the bull’s-eye of criticism from social media experts, I’ll leave it that way.  I’m here to enjoy writing, not to engage in a land rush.  For various reasons, some sound and others flimsy, I delayed starting a blog.  Now that it’s underway however, I’ll keep relying on the practice of writing itself to shape Ram On.

When school was safely behind me I began to write essays again.  I learned to trust the divagations of the mind.  If you let the reins loose the horse will find its way home.  The shape was something that grew inside the essay, during the revision – you didn’t have to think it out beforehand.”

– Graham Greene

692As an extra, since I had no expectations, I’ve been introduced to others on WordPress who also enjoy their blogs.  I look forward to seeing their blog posts and am constantly pleased with their excellent writing and photography.  Indeed, there are many wonderful blog sites here and I’m discovering more all the time.  I read them with pleasure and the understanding that the authors seek a return to their own level of human destiny.  I raise my glass and turn up the light for all of them.

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  1. Great, great post. You speak for so many of us, xo LMA


  2. Glad you’ve discovered the joy of expressing yourself this way. I’ve enjoyed them all. No overarching theme is cool with me…and yes, continue on with only yourself to please. Ram on, my friend…ram on-


    • Thanks, Pete. You are certainly in the group of loyal readers. No VIP rewards programs are budgeted. Corporate hasn’t figured out a way to fund it yet.


  3. Good blog Bruce. And yes, WordPerfect makes it easy… all except the writing, of course. And you do a great job. –Curt


  4. Keep on writing about…whatever. Like you, I have no major theme, but write about whatever strikes my fancy. I do have some minor themes that crop up. My favorite posts relate to photographs, but I enjoy it all. I especially like meeting new bloggers and seeing what they have to say. So, nice to meet you in this Blogosphere.


  5. While I’m not a write, so to speak, I have thoroughly loved blogging! I’ve learned so much about photography, have been introduced to so many great folks around the world, and have made friends out there, too. Excellent post and keep on!!


    • Thank you. One look at Life on the Bike shows how much you enjoy it. The photos are always beautiful, even when you’ve been on the bench or on the mend.


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