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Fourth of July Weekend – Troubles Out at the Yard

July 9, 2013

San Francisco Giants fans are a little uneasy this summer.  Here it is, the Fourth of July weekend and our team is in the unfamiliar territory of the bottom of the National League West Division, 5.5 games behind the leading Arizona Diamondbacks and only a game ahead of the last place San Diego Padres.  We’ve become accustomed to watching our team win.  At the same time last year, the team was on top with a winning percentage of 61.5 and on their way to winning the World Series the second time in three years.

June was a tough month; the Giants won only ten of 27 games.  For me however, the season’s nadir was the most recent road trip to Los Angeles, Colorado and Cincinnati.  The Giants left town at an even .500, 3.5 games behind Arizona and 5.5 games ahead of the last place Dodgers.  They were then swept by the Dodgers and Reds and won only one of the three games played against the Rockies.  They were outscored 17-35.  To place an exclamation point on it all, on July 2nd they were no-hit by the Reds’ Homer Bailey, who threw fast ball after fast ball and kept the Giants hitters quiet the entire game.  Bailey was in top form and simply unhittable.  Giants fans worries continued the next day after yet another loss (3-2) to the Reds.  Heavy Ohio rains mercifully prevented the Fourth of July game from being played and the Giants got out of town and headed back to San Francisco.

An orange sign for Orange Friday.

Giants fans even color-coordinate their signs on Orange Friday.

Orange Friday with Matt Cain on the mound at the yard would be just what the doctor ordered.  The cool San Francisco weather, 42,000 fans dressed in orange and one of our pitching aces would help put things back in their proper order.  Cain was coming off of five nice starts in a row, with a very tidy combined 1.85 ERA while stranding nearly 86% of the runners on base.

The Dodgers had other ideas.  While the Giants were struggling, the Dodgers won eight of ten and were starting to hint that the big money that they spent constructing their roster of all-stars would pay off.  They put it all to work right away and chased Cain before the end of the third inning.  We no sooner got started and the Orange and Black Faithful were in a collective fetal position.  After a three up three down first inning for Cain and with a 1-0 lead, the Dodgers hitters were relentless.  The next fourteen hitters that Cain faced reached base ten times, including four walks, two singles, three doubles and a bases-loaded triple by Juan Uribe.  (Uribe would end the game with seven runs batted in and a single shy of a cycle at the plate.)  When Bochy came out to pull Cain, seven Dodgers had already crossed the plate.  To be sure, this horror show was not what we had imagined for the homecoming.  Not in our yard!  Not against the Dodgers!

Nobody’s running away with this yet and there is still plenty of time.  The Dodgers have finally heated things up and Arizona seems to be clicking along. However, the entire division is still tight.  Even though the Giants are in a terrible slump, some still consider them the division favorite.  They are 25-16 at home and 15 and 30 on the road.   Playing at their 2012 road game clip of .568 for the remaining 2013 road games (36) would help them stay in contention this year.Office Space Giants

But first things first.  Eight more games at AT&T before the All-Star game break   Madison Bumgarner will be headed to the festivities along with Bruce Bochy, Marco Scutaro and Buster Posey.  He showed us all why yesterday with a gem, when he went seven stress-free innings and held the Dodgers to three hits and two runs.  His last strikeout came in the seventh when he reared back with everything that he had to strikeout Andre Either swinging to end the inning and bring Giants fans all across the Bay Area confidence that we’re in this to stay.

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  1. Small world department: I know the actor — Gary Cole — in the pic above. In a previous life/career, we worked together.


  2. I don’t see any actors – just some happy Giants fans and Bill Lumbergh.


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